Fundamentals of Concealed Carry in Florida

Group class is 85.00. Private class is 125.00

This class is a comprehensive examination of Florida Concealed Carry Law taught by a former prosecutor and an introduction to the basics of safe firearm handling and shooting by a Rangemaster certified Master Pistol instructor.  You should bring a notebook and a pen.

A pistol is not required for this class, however, you will be responsible for bringing 50 rounds of full metal jacket 9mm ammunition.  I have several firearms that you may use during class.

If you have a firearm please bring it and 50 rounds of ammunition.  Your firearm should be unloaded and all ammunition should be kept in your vehicle until such time as I request you bring it in. All firearms will be checked.  Do not take your firearm out unless instructed to do so.

Topics covered:

    We will discuss Florida law.
  • Deadly Force
  • Issues regarding the 5th Amendment and the use of Deadly Force
  • Non- Deadly Force
  • Evidentiary issues and Use of force
  • Police-Citizen encounters
  • Concealed Carry considerations under Fl. Stat. 790 ,i.e., where you can carry and how you can carry.
  • Optional discussions include use of force insurance.

Firearm topics include:

  • Safety in handling a firearm
  • Safety in storing a firearm
  • Safely loading and unloading a firearm
  • How to use iron sights on pistol
  • What is s a Red Dot and how is it used on a pistol
  • Grip and stance for self defense shooting
  • Shooting qualification.  You have to at a minimum place 10 rounds in a 8 inch circle at 3 and 5 yards

Class length varies on number of people in the class.  Plan on 4-5 hours in total.

Class size is limited to 12 for this class.

You need to dress accordingly.  No flip flops, and a crew neck shirt.

You can bring hearing and eye protection or it will be provided.
Bring drinks and snacks if you would like them
This is the first of a three part series of classes.  You will have homework.
Pistols available to use (may change) Beretta 92, CZ 75, Glock, Sig, Walther, Smith and Wesson.

Marksmanship Class

60.00 per person

This is a group class that focuses on marksmanship with a pistol. 

We work on your grip, sight picture, and stance to get you on target at self defense distances.

We discuss self-defense with a handgun, teach you how to clear common firearm malfunctions, in addition to dominant and non dominant hand shooting.    

We use assorted drills in this class as our standard.  No timed courses of fire. 

Bring 150 rounds for your handgun. 

We work from the table in this class.  No holster work.

Presentation from the Holster

60.00 per person

This class requires you to bring a suitable holster.  No Serpa holsters or hybrid holsters.  I suggest a kydex in the waistband holster that was recommended in previous classes.  I would start with either Phlster or JM Custom kydex . 

This is the last class in the series.  Holster work requires you to have mastered safe gun handling.

We work safe presentation from the holster in the self-defense environment.  To that end we work dry (no ammunition in the firearm or on range) for half the class until we completely understand the process of both presentation and reholstering a firearm.  Once we have accomplished that we work live fire self-defense drills.


Advanced shooting skills

60.00 per person

For shooters who seek to improve their skills.  I offer an advanced shooting skills class.  Here you must have demonstrated safety with a firearm to my standard.  Drills are timed and you are to keep a log of your progress.  We work on draw speed, transitions, distance shooting (beyond 10 yards), and movement. 

Drills commonly used are the Gabe White Pistol shooting standards, The FBI Qualification, the Casino Drill, the Rangemaster bullseye qualification and The FAST standard (Todd Green and now Ernest Langdon). We also setup and introduce concepts in competitive shooting USPSA and IDPA.

This class requires 200 rounds of ammunition and a holster.  Two Magazine carriers or speedloaders (Strips) are recommended.